I want to make you smile and I want to make you cum.
I want to hold your hand and I want to hold your hips down while you’re writhing.
I want to make your eyes light up and I want to make them roll in the back of your head.
I want to be your reason to wake up and your reason to stay in bed.
I want to kiss your wounds and I want you to leave them on my back.
I want to play with your hair while you sleep and I want to feel it between my fingers while you are on top of me.
I want to memorize the repetition of your breathing and I want to memorize the sporadics of your moaning.
I want to see the arch in your grin and I want to feel the arch in your back before you collapse.
I want to go out to dinner with you and I want to go down on you.
I want to to feel you in my heart and I want to feel you inside me.
I want to make you laugh and I want to make you scream.
I want to still be able to taste you in the morning.
I want you in every form.
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I am in love with you. I am in love with your laugh. I am in love with your smile. I am in love with your blue eyes. I am in love with every single molecule in your body. It drives me insane that I can’t touch you. It drives me even crazier how much I want to kiss you. I can’t even take my eyes off of you when you’re around. I never wanted to get this attached. I never wanted to cause this drama for you. But my heart beats a little bit faster and my hands sweat a little bit more. And I have never wanted someone to love me back so badly. I have never craved another’s touch so much. And I have never yearned to kiss someone’s lips as much as I do when I see you. Your laugh makes me smile and your smile makes me laugh. It hurts so much to not be near you 24/7. I wonder sometimes— no. All the time. I wonder what it’d be like to kiss you. To be so near to you and to feel your breath against my skin. To hear you whisper my name and to whisper yours back. What it would feel like to press myself against you and to feel you press back onto me. I think I love you. But I know for sure that I am in love with you.

Hold It In

What do I do about her? She’s so special to me. A simple glance from her makes me heart race and my cheeks flush. She’s so special to me. I think I love her. Her eyes having a special look and her laugh makes me smile. All I can do is hold it in.

My Firsts

You don’t hold many of my firsts
Adam holds my first kiss
Ian has my first date
Jared took my innocence
Jake took my pride
Jay had my promise
But now I’d rather have your name replacing theirs
Then again..
You have my first slow dance
It may not be much
But it holds more
It holds our kisses
Our hugs
Our whole relationship

I love you

I love you more than anything. I love you more than the sun loves the moon. More than the clouds love the sky. I love you more than anybody I could ever love in my life. I love you so much. So much it hurts my heart constantly. And every moment without you is a moment wasted drowning in tears.

50 Things I Love About You

1. Your poems
2. Your eyes
3. Your smile
4. Your laugh
5. Your warmth (emotionally & physically XD)
6. You’re smarter
7. Funnier
8. Popular
9. Amazing
10. Perfect
11. Your open-mindedness
12. Your glasses
13. Your cheeks when you smile
14. The way you giggle when tickled
15. The fact you’re ticklish
16. Your ring that I always play with
17. Your honesty
18. Your cologne
19. Your hugs
20. Your kisses
21. The way you look at me
22. The way you hold me
23. How you hold my hand
24. How you always calm me
25. The way you can always make me smile
26. Your corny puns
27. Your positivity
28. Your compassion
29. How much you care about me
30. Your “screw ups”
31. How you think you’re right
32. Your voice
33. Your doctor who obsession (even though I hate doctor who)
34. Your big heart
35. How romantic you are
36. Your sweet texts
37. Your funny faces
38. Your quirks
39. Your thumbs
40. Your sweaters
41. Your commitment
42. How you always lift me up
43. The way you love me
44. The fact you love me
45. How you think I’m perfect (when I’m not)
46. Your extremely white dancing
47. How you try to make me happy
48. And how you succeed in doing so
49. How silly you are
50. Being “just you”

I Miss You

I miss you
I can’t believe it
It was only hours ago
When I last saw you
It feels like days
Since I last saw you
I miss you a lot
When I think you’ll let go
You always hold me tighter
And my heart races
Along with my mind
I really miss you
I wish I could look into your eyes
And smile
And laugh
And be with you
Just to have you next to me
It would be a dream come true
Yet you’re not here
I miss you so much
You should be here
With me
And I should be there
With you
But I’m not
I’m sorry I can’t be
I miss you too much
It hurts my heart
To be away from you
I can’t take this distance
But I have to
And I have to miss you